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68 Responses to DUA-E-QADAH

  1. Bilal Aslam says:

    Thanx Yaar.. Ye Dua bohat achi hai. If u need a Scanned Pages I will send u DOST.

  2. Thanks for Visiting.Keep remind me in ur Prayers

  3. Layla says:

    Hi Please can you kindly send me this dua, I have been looking for it everywhere. Can you tell me which kitab i can find it in. Thank you.

  4. khanee says:

    JazakAllah Khair meray Bhai. x

  5. ahamed s.t says:

    assalamualaikum , thanks for publishing dua could you send the with translation if possible. allah hafiz

  6. naila says:

    salam! this dua is present in fiqri majmua e wazaif with translation

  7. arshad says:

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM borther this work u done is a sadqa e jariya. I used to read this dua on daily basis. may ALLAH bless us all muslims and give us the will to say all our namaz with jamaat and give us maghfirat after our and our parents death AMEEN YA RAB AL ALMEEN.

  8. Ramadan Kareem says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum, This is a very beautiful dua that many people have trouble finding hard and soft copies of unfortunately. Thank you very much for taking the time to scan and put it online.

    I wanted to point out a huge mistake in the publication which is a very common mistake but hardly ever corrected and as a result those that are impacted continue to read and memorize the words, verses, etc incorrectly. The error I’m referring to is on page 206 – line 6- last word. It should be Wal-‘azAmati (meaning/describing the Greatness of Allah Subhana hu Wa’Tala) instead the way it is erroneously written currently Wal-‘azmati (means a bone!) astahgfirullah! This verse/line also appears in other publications such as Dua for Taraweeh prayer in Ramadan. From my research thus far, it also appears incorrectly in widely on the internet and on hard copies! This error obviously changes the meaning/context significantly. I have made such correction on my soft and hard copies and am doing my best to share this knowledge with others. Please kindly correct your copy as well. If this blog permits us to upload attachment, I can upload the correct copy. Jazakum Allahu Khairan and Ramadan Kareem.

    • Dear friend, Sorry for the late reply i m busy in my exams.I appericiate your working that you point out in this dua but dear i also read many books and material in which these words are same.Please send me corrected papers of dua without error so i will consult it with any scholar and if you have any evidence regarding this so send me also.This is very serious case so please help me.

      One point is this that in many books these words are written same as in my uploaded dua and these book are approved by many publisher ,so publisher doing the same mistake.

      Please send me authentic proofs so i will change my post. Thanks.

      My email address: waqas.kamboh1987@gmail.com

    • maryam says:

      Aslam o alakum

      Brother will you be able to send me a copy.my email address is mavishhusnain@hotmail.co.uk
      Jazakallah khair

  9. Afroz says:

    Assalam o Alaikum Bhai.. mujhay is Dua ki Talaash thi Allah pak ne meri madad ki aur aap ka search kernay may itna berwaqt mila hai jab kay mujhay iski shadeed zaroorat hai. Allah aapko jaza-e-khair day Ameen

  10. Waqas says:

    jazakALLAH bhai, I need urdu translation of this dua please can you send me at onlinewaqas@gmail.com

  11. Salah-ud-Din Ayubi says:

    Thanks. This dua no doubt gives peace and is a gate way for trouble shooting,

  12. Asim Shah says:

    SUBHAN ALLAH please send me the mp3 link

  13. ahamed s.t says:

    assalam, any one with gud tajweed can record and upload it in mp3. format .

  14. imran says:

    May Allah paak always bless you. Ameen

  15. z k says:

    Looking desperately for the meaning of this dua !!! Shukran please email it to me zx1803@gmail.com

  16. Faisal Nauman says:

    MashaAllah brother, thank you so much for publishing, looking forward for translation of this Dua…remember in your prayers,,,JazakAllah,,,

  17. jassani says:

    I found this dua from its original source ‘Mohijj al-Dawaat’. Some words are missing / added. if you want I can email you the original arabic.

  18. desperateone says:

    Allah ap ko behtreen ajar de ye dua rakhne k liye.

  19. javid 1355 says:

    Plz send me all dua .

  20. noureen says:

    mujh say page save n
    ai ho rha or mjhy ye daily parhni hai na ye max ho rha hai

  21. Yaser says:

    I need this dua’s mp3 file.. Could you plz send it to my Mail ybaqtiyar@gmail.com .. Jazakallah Khair…!

  22. dear brother i need adio of this dua i already read i want to listen it daily

  23. ZZ says:

    Jazak Allah…………………….!

  24. QaZi says:

    Plz send me … Dua kadah with translation in PDF format. On my e mail. miq_54@yahoo.com

  25. mudasir says:

    Plz send me dua e qadah in pdf format

  26. firoza khan says:

    shukriya janab waqas i need your favour will u send audio of this dua my id is firozakhan92@gmail.com

    plz allah hafiz

  27. syed shah jalaluddin qalandar rifai buGhdadi qhadri says:

    mashallah’ yeh nabi i muhammadh rasool i khuda sallallahu alyhi wa sallim ka karam’ hai ummat pr’ ayse dua ko hr momin pabandi se pdhne chahiyeai’ yeh dua web pr daalne wale ko allahtehbaraktehlah hazhaar nehmatei dhein’ aiiur unke Gharane ko khushaal rakhe’ unke ma baap ke darajaat ko buland frmaye’ ameen’ wal hamduhlillah’ shukrallah

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